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Chef Marco and Providence took one look at the charming, yet dilapidated Old Oak and they knew right away. Enchanted by the history and bones of this former inn, it was clear.
With a whole lot of determination and perseverance, in 2012 the inception of the Old Oak was birthed. They faced countless renovation obstacles, but they tirelessly restored the beautiful Old Oak while maintaining its authenticity. Having over 30 years in the restaurant business, it was clear that this was something different, something special, and would be so much more than a place to eat.

Today, from the moment you open the stunning front doors, and the sounds of Sinatra or Dean Martin play, you know this isn't a pizzeria, or just a convenient stop on the way up the mountain or while visiting West Point Academy . Bear Mountain Pizza Cafe at the Old Oak  is a piece history, a familiar face, a warm smile. It's like home. Raising 4 boys of her own, Providences' love language has always been in the form of cooking and baking, and its this same love language that can be felt throughout the restaurant and in every delicious bite of food.

During the height of the pandemic and throughout, The Bear Mountain Pizza Cafe at the Old Oak never shut their doors and was a source of sustenance and comfort for essential workers, providing warm, safe meals. Providence never even considered closing the doors. She said, " I need to be open now more than ever. There are people and souls to feed!” , and indeed she did just that.  Bear Mountain Pizza discreetly found families in need and delivered warm meals , accompanied by handwritten Bible scripture with the intention to spread hope and love in some of darkest of times.